Wild and crazy tax deductions 2013 edition

Tax deductions 2013
Tax deductions 2013 © kurhan/

Did you hear the one about the $100,000 smokestack? The undercover pie spy? The debatable therapeutic benefits of prostitution?

That's right, it's time once again for Bankrate's annual top 10 crazy-but-true tax tales, downloaded via QuickBooks for the Soul software from the seasonally overcooked psyches of actual certified public accountants, some of whom, quite understandably, requested anonymity.

Our previous excursions into the foggy forest of dubious tax deductions uncovered everything from tricked-out Amish buggies, generous sperm donations and $35,000 in dance lessons to more exotic schemes, including the disc jockey who deducted his dog as a dependent, the shopkeeper who tried to write off an arsonist and the man who accidentally took Manhattan as a deduction.

We present this year's cautionary tales with the usual warning: Do not try to slide suspicious deductions by the Internal Revenue Service. Serious consequences may result if you fail to file, falsely file or otherwise fudge the numbers on your annual return.

When tempted, remember: The road to taxpayer perdition is paved with disallowed deductions. Submitted for your amusement: Bankrate's 10 craziest tax deductions, 2013 edition.


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