6 tips to make a case for property tax cut

Locate the problem
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You've heard it before: The three most important factors in real estate are location, location, location. So one way to prove you're paying too much in taxes is to demonstrate what's wrong with yours. When factors outside the property's boundary bring down its value, this is called external obsolescence by tax assessors.

If you're so close to a runway that pilots wave to you, or your backyard has a crossing signal thanks to the train tracks on your lot line, make the case that you have external obsolescence. 

But what if the rest of the neighborhood has the same issue -- say, a nearby town dump that doesn't pass the sniff test -- and roughly the same assessment? Make the case that your situation is worse. Maybe your house is next to the noisy public playground or adjacent to a parking lot for local school buses.

"You need to let the assessor know 'I'm not like the rest,' and 'My location is inferior to others around me,'" says Mila.

His suggestion: Pretend you're a buyer looking for an excuse to lowball a bid on your home.




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