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Celebrities across the globe continue to amass more wealth. And we're all contributing to the growth of their net worth. Whether you've used one of their products, donated to their campaigns, cheered for them at sporting events or laughed at one of their movies, you've helped put a little more money in their pockets.

You might love, hate or feel indifferent about celebrities and their wealth, but their impact -- and growing bank accounts -- are tough to ignore.

A wealth of celeb net worth info

Here you'll find a library of information on celebrity net worth, including the stories of how they made their money, what they've done with it and what they're up to now. From the technology products and philanthropic endeavors of Bill Gates (Microsoft, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) to the satire and entertainment of Jerry Seinfeld, you can browse the accolades and accomplishments of the monetarily elite. Likewise, you can peruse the wealth profiles of celebs that fly a little under the radar and bring in only a fraction of the Bill Gateses of the world. 

You'll find detailed celeb net worth information on sports stars like Tiger Woods, who began his career in the public eye at age 2 and largely has endorsement deals to thank for his wealth. Also get tidbits on superstars such as Beyonce, who started her career singing for tips in her mom's hair salon. And learn about the rise of TV show animators like Seth MacFarlane, creator of "Family Guy."

Making use of celeb net worth knowledge

Wondering how a business mogul made his billions? You can find it here and learn from these celebrities' stories. Want to compare the net worth of 2 different celebrities? That's also easy to do.

This is your go-to source for celebrity net worth stats and stories.

Celebrity net worth

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