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Bankrate's 2009 Tax Guide

  • Tax calendar
    April 15 isn't the only important day for taxes. Our tax calendar provides you with many others to circle.
  • Tips & tools
    The daily tax tip plus an array of tax tools, terms and training will help you through filing and beyond.
  • Filing & refunds
    Get it done right the first time with this advice on free filing, e-filing, documentation and refunds.
  • Forms & charts
    Search here for all the new tax rates, exemption and deduction amounts, plus estate and gift tax exclusions.
  • Realty/capital gains
    Home, sweet home. Your home is likely your biggest investment and it affords you some great tax breaks to boot.
  • Family
    You care for your children and dependents all year. At tax time Uncle Sam may take care of you.
  • Work
    Take advantage of benefits at work and you may find your job even more rewarding at tax time.
  • Investments
    Investing wisely is a critical part of your wealth-building strategy. Keeping it away from the IRS should be another.
  • Education
    Take some of the sting out of the ever-increasing cost of college by applying these tax-favored options.
  • Retirement
    Whether you're self-employed or work for others, many tax-advantaged retirement vehicles are at your disposal.
  • Philanthropy
    Even the IRS has a heart. Giving to charity can be a wise tax move, as long as you follow the rules.
  • Calculators
    We've added 11 new tax calculators to help make your tax preparations easier than ever!
  • Videos
    Bankrate helps you picture how to get the most out of your tax filing.

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