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Bankrate's 2013 Credit Card Cash-Back Rewards Survey included the Wells Fargo Cash Back Card. With the Wells Fargo Cash Back Card, cash rewards may be redeemed by automatically applying it to a qualified Wells Fargo checking, savings, loan or line product, or through a statement credit, or by paper check.

Wells Fargo Cash Back Card

Annual fee$0
Intro bonusEarn 3% cash back on gas, grocery and drugstore net purchases for six months.
Reward formulaEarn 1% cash back on all other net purchases.
Cash-back ratio*1%
Expiration period on rewardsNone
Intro purchase APR0%
Intro purchase APR length12 months
  • Three percent cash rewards (1 percent base plus 2 percent bonus) are earned for every $1 spent in net purchases (purchases minus returns/credits) made on the credit card account, rounded to the nearest whole dollar, during the first six billing periods from the date the account is opened. Three percent cash rewards earned under this promotion will only apply to net purchases made during the promotional period at retailers whose merchant code for Visa is classified in one of the following categories: grocery stores, drugstores or gas stations.
  • Cash rewards may be redeemed either by automatically applying it to a qualified Wells Fargo checking, savings, loan or line product or through a statement credit or paper check by calling customer service. Cash rewards may be redeemed in $25 increments: $25 (minimum) = 2,500; $50 = 5,000 points and so on.

*The cash-back ratio lists the rate or rate of returns offered on transactions. examined 54 cash-back cards from 21 of the largest issuers. The survey was conducted April 8-18, 2013. Rewards are subject to change. Check with the institution for the latest information.



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