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Capital One Quicksilver (average credit)

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Bankrate's 2013 Credit Card Cash-Back Rewards Survey included the Capital One Quicksilver (average credit).

With the Capital One Quicksilver (average credit), cash back is issued as an account credit or check, or you can set up automatic redemptions or redeem for gift cards or a charitable donation.

Capital One Quicksilver (average credit)

Annual fee$39
Intro bonus


Reward formulaEarn 1.5% cash back on all purchases.
Cash-back ratio1.5%
Expiration period on rewardsNone
Intro purchase APR0%
Intro purchase APR length9 months
  • Earn unlimited cash back that doesn't expire.
  • Get your cash back anytime as an account credit, check, gift card or a charitable donation.
  • No minimum amount to redeem on demand.

*The cash-back ratio lists the rate or rate of returns offered on transactions. examined 54 cash-back cards from 21 of the largest issuers. The survey was conducted April 8-18, 2013. Rewards are subject to change. Check with the institution for the latest information.



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