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What could you buy on an actor’s salary?

Walking the red carpet is just one perk celebs get -- their salary is another.

Ever wonder what a smartphone really costs on an actor’s salary, relatively speaking?

Taking some more expensive items and some relatively cheap ones, here's the relative cost to you if you were bringing in a movie star salary.

To give an example, with Johnny Depp's $50 million salary last year, the iPhone 4s that costs you $399 was like 21 cents to him.

Income: $40,000,000 a year

* Relative price of products    
Product At this price* Seems to cost:
House $252,260.00 $165.21
Laptop $631.00 $0.41
Hotel room $130.00 $0.09
Expensive meal in New York City $160.00 $0.10
Average meal $35.00 $0.02
Big Mac $4.20 $0.00
iPhone 4S w/64GB $399.00 $0.26
2012 Bentley Continental Supersports Coupe $274,095.00 $179.51

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