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Special section Wedding costs

Adjustable rate mortgages have a language of their own. Anyone who has one should learn these terms.


A great wedding without breaking the bank

Love may bring people together, but planning and paying for a wedding can spark some feelings that aren't exactly loving.

In a recent survey of 1,000 cardholders by Visa, two-thirds of the respondents said they overspent on their weddings. As money is one of the main causes of argument in any marriage, stressing over the price of getting hitched isn't the best way to kick off the union. Here's how to skip some of the pressure and get on with the rest of your life together.

Say 'I do' without debt
Penny-wise weddings
  Get an auspicious beginning by having a festive but frugal wedding.
Wedding presents
  One reason to get married -- gifts!
Life after the big day
  Unbelievably, there is life after the wedding. Here's help with the honeymoon and beyond.
-- Posted: July 27, 2007

Discover new ways to cut costs!
Budget for your wedding
Choosing a wedding site
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30 yr fixed mtg 4.45%
48 month new car loan 3.77%
1 yr CD 0.89%
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