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Special section Save more, spend less in '07

Here are six ways to bulk up your savings and cut out the fat in your budget in 2007.

Bulk up your savings and cut the fat in 2007

Feeling bad about your finances can be as harmful to your self-image as being overweight. In 2007, forgo the annual trip to the gym to pay your dues and never be seen again -- this is the year to whip your finances into shape. Leave the procrastination in 2006 and get a fresh start on digging out of debt and saving money. You'll feel better and look better, too, which means the diet plan can wait until 2008.

 6 ways to bulk up your savings and cut the fat in '07:
Plan for a rainy day
 Build your emergency fund.
Start an IRA
 Jump-start a savings plan to create an IRA.
Reduce your credit card balances
 In debt? Get out in three hard steps.
Save for that down payment
 Learn 10 ways to come up with a home down payment.
Find money for college
 Here are 10 ways to attend college without relying solely on loans.
Great places to park your cash
 As you build an emergency savings account, earn interest.

-- compiled by Sheyna Steiner

 -- Posted: Dec. 29, 2006
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