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Keiko Agena: Gilmore Girl keeps finances simple -- Success has arrived for the Honolulu-born TV starlet, but her idea of splurging hasn't graduated past new knickknacks. Keiko Agena
Wayne Brady -- The ABC TV star passed up short-term riches for a long-term career. Wayne Brady
J. Peterman catalogs his success: Yada, yada, yada -- Life imitates art for actor John O'Hurley, famous as J. Peterman on "Seinfeld," who has become a globetrotting retailer in real life. John O'Hurley
Mitch Hedberg goes for the whole enchilada -- The rising comic has a new record deal and bigger checks as a headliner. Mitch Hedberg
Southside Johnny sings the retirement blues -- Southside Johnny, leader of '70s and '80s hit touring band The Asbury Jukes is back on the road at age 54 with a new album and dreams of bolstering his retirement account. Southside Johnny
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Seventh generation maintains, expands Jim Beam legacy -- Frederick Booker Noe III, "Bourbon Ambassador," dispenses new products that extend the family business's line. Frederick Booker Noe III
Tai and Randy: Injury-free financial lives -- Randy Gardner and Tai Babilonia, the heartbreak kids of the Lake Placid Olympics, wobbled to their feet and are skating along, financially speaking. Tai and Randy
For Robert Schimmel, the show absolutely must go on -- A bout with cancer, now in remission, has given the comedian a new perspective on time and money. Robert Schimmel
Junior Brown lets finances slide -- The "guit-steel" inventor's financial plan is to focus on music, and to "keep working." Junior Brown
Proud to walk in his great-great grandfather's shoes -- Frederick Douglass IV, who re-enacts the famed abolitionist's life, talks about African-American money issues -- then and now. Frederick Douglass IV
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