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Michael Winslow makes the sound of success -- The "Police Academy" noise-making scene-stealer has an ear for sounds, but keeps his eye on the bottom line. Michael Winslow
Leif Garrett lives the rock 'n' roll life -- The money he made as child star is gone, but he's proud he's still never had a 9-to-5 job. Leif Garrett
Ray Romano -- When it comes to managing money, the "Everybody Loves Raymond" star passes the bucks. Ray Romano
Darrell Hammond, making a good impression -- The Saturday Night Live celebrity impersonator finds comedy easy, but managing money complicated. Darrell Hammond
Eric Bogosian on creativity and money -- Commercial projects subsidize the more artistic works of this author, playwright and performer. Eric Bogosian
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Ray Evernham -- When it comes to finances, the famed NASCAR owner likes to be in the driver's seat. Ray Evernham
Richie Havens: An idealist talks about money -- Finances? Pah. The veteran songsmith just wants to pay his bills and get to the next gig. Richie Havens
Corey Feldman: Older, wiser, $1 million poorer -- The former child star had to rebound from both personal and financial setbacks. Corey Feldman
Jeff Greenfield on the money -- When it comes to investing, the CNN newsman finds the subject boring. Jeff Greenfield
Composer Misha Segal scores well in finances -- The Emmy-winning Israeli artist flies planes and oversees a high-flying portfolio. Misha Segal
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