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Here's a sample complaint letter

A good complaint letter begins and ends politely, states the problem, the facts, what you want and when you want it. Make it concise, and make sure it is typewritten.

Here's the format:

The date
Your name
Your street address
City, state, ZIP code
Account number: 000000000000000

Creditor's name
Address (the one for billing inquiries, NOT where you mail your payment -- see your cardholder agreement)
Attn: Billing Inquiries

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to dispute a $62 charge on my bill, and I hope you can help me.

The amount of the Dec. 13 purchase at BeeJay's Place was actually $40. Please credit my account for $22, plus any finance or other related charges, and send me an accurate statement.

Enclosed is a copy of my charge slip from BeeJay's and the incorrect bill.

Thank you for resolving this matter before my next payment is due.


Mrs. Little Person
Enc: charge slip, billing statement

-- Posted: Dec. 27, 1999

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