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Fame & Fortune
Delta Burke
She learned life's financial lessons the hard way
Celebrity interview

Fame & Fortune: Delta Burke

For the second renewal, I had always wanted to get married on the date we actually met, but it hadn't worked out either time, March 27. The date was going to mark 20 years since we met, so I planned this beach wedding because I love the beach.

I planned this wedding for a year and it was really beautiful. It was the most special wedding and a magical night. I had an aisle runner made of periwinkle blue; I had sea life painted on it and our names and a pair of sea horses who mate for life and it said "You're Still The One."

Bankrate: Besides acting, planning these vows, you also design clothes for Delta Burke Design.

Delta Burke: When I started it, I tried to incorporate ideas into the designs when I had clothing made for me that would make me feel more comfortable and sexy. At one time, it was really big and we started doing accessories. We were doing sportswear, lingerie, swimwear and then there was jewelry.

Unfortunately, it turned out that my backers were crooks and I had just gotten everything going really well. I had some catalogs, launched on QVC, and was traveling 136 days one year. I pulled out at that point because basically women were going to think that it was me who didn't care about the designs and quality. I kept the swimwear line and the lingerie line, which we are now expanding. And I'm working on another sportswear line.

Bankrate: So much has been printed about your weight struggles. Are you happy at the weight you are at now?

Delta Burke: Oh no, I'm never happy. Now I think, as I'm getting older, if I just knew what I had when I had it. If I hadn't believed all those stupid executives who made me feel so inadequate, I would have been flaunting my fuller figure up and down Hollywood Boulevard. But you don't know it when you have it. So many women suffer with this self-image problem and you're made to feel worse by everything you see on TV and in magazines, movies and everywhere. So that's a huge problem for women.

Bankrate: Do you think after you were diagnosed with diabetes, your weight changed?

Delta Burke: I think I was prediabetic for years. But diabetes was never really explained to me and there wasn't much information out there like now. Doctors gave me some pill to take but I felt faint and stopped taking it. So I didn't understand how to test for my blood sugar or anything like that. Had I known, I would have jumped right on and it prevented it from becoming diabetes.

Bankrate: You've been successful in TV, stage, movies and with your designs and motivational speaking. Do you feel you are financially stable in a rather unstable profession?

Delta Burke: Oh gosh no. It's like in the movies when everyone is happy when the guy gets the gal but they don't tell you what happens next. You are bred to climb the ladder of success and they don't tell you how you trip and fall, how you stumble after you get to the top of the ladder and that this is life with a series of ups and downs. That is not taught to you. You figure once you've gotten to the top, that's how it's going to be now and it's not.

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