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Relocation company

Relocation company is a term often heard in business. Bankrate explains it.

What is a relocation company?

A relocation company is a business that specializes in helping employees move from one area to another for employment needs. Relocation companies often work for employers.

Deeper definition

A relocation company is often hired by a business that plans to move employees from one area to another. This may be because one business location is closing and another is opening. A common reason to turn to a relocation service is to make sure that employees transition smoothly to a new job location, which is usually a significant distance from their existing homes, making commuting to work impossible.

Relocation companies often offer specialized services. This may include handling the sale of a home in the existing location and the purchase of a new home in the new location. They may help facilitate the moving process. The relocation company does not necessarily work as a real estate agent or moving company, but it is able to provide supporting services.

Some employers offer relocation packages as a benefit for moving to a new area. This can encourage employees to fill vacancies that may not be local.

Relocation company example

Lisa’s employer is expanding into a different state. Her employer wants her to move her family to the new location so that she can help open the new office. Lisa’s employer hires a relocation company to help her sell her home, find housing in the new area, hire a moving company and make the transition.

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