Originally founded in Germany in 1926, Mercedes-Benz is owned by the Daimler company, and the automotive brand has a long history of producing luxurious vehicles. The American division of Mercedes-Benz, MBUSA, was founded in 1965, and it currently sells 12 different vehicle model lines. With nearly 350 dealerships around the country, Mercedes-Benz helps drivers buy, sell and service their cars.

While Daimler is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, MBUSA is centered in New Jersey.

Buying a Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz produces a collection of sedans, coupes, SUVs and sport performance cars. The company's financial services division provides a range of tools to help potential customers find buying or leasing terms and interest rates that fit their needs. For those looking to understand the options for financing, the Mercedes-Benz website includes a payment estimator tool to compare rates, payments and payoff times for all of the Mercedes-Benz models.

Insuring a Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz partners with Liberty Mutual to offer its owners exclusive insurance rates as part of the Mercedes-Benz club of drivers. To offset some of the initial costs of paying for a Mercedes model, this insurance includes additional discounts for drivers who choose optional safety features. Policyholders also benefit from 24-hour claims service and 24-hour roadside assistance.

The Mercedes-Benz American headquarters are located here:

3 Mercedes Drive
Montvale, NJ 07645

To reach the Mercedes-Benz American office, customers can call toll-free at (800)367-6372.

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