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This chart compares coverage offered by major credit card companies and rental car agencies.
Sure, your credit card might have some kind of car rental coverage, but is that all you need?
When your kids are licensed, it might not matter to your insurer if they stay off the road.
An expert from Cornell University says the U.S. auto industry is recovering. How did it happen?
Monitoring devices for teen drivers can lead to car insurance discounts. Here's how they work.
Car insurance varies from company to company. Find out what falls under the scope of your policy.
Offbeat auto insurance products have rolled onto the market. Do you need Burning Man insurance?
When shopping for a car insurance quote online, use these tips to save money and time.
Rental car coverage comes in many flavors. Make sure what you have suits your tastes.
Consider these five points before shopping for an auto policy for you and your family.
Before you choose your car insurance rate, consider your options and these crucial factors.
If a car is taken from your driveway, does your car insurance cover it? Find out.
Take control of your auto premiums by tweaking these factors in your life.
Here's how to get lower car insurance rates. You can start with driving less.
Before buying basic coverage, consider the high liability costs of a severe car crash.
Medical payments coverage in car insurance isn't always redundant to health insurance.
You don't want to overpay for auto insurance. Follow these tips to keep costs down.
Overpaying for car insurance? You can slash your costs with these easy, sensible moves.
People are driving older cars. Is breakdown insurance worth the cost?
Need coverage for your classic ride? Here are tips to get the most for your money.
Don't overspend on auto insurance. Find out what you're getting and how much you're paying.
People rarely revise their car insurance, but these tricks could lead you to lower premiums.
People rarely revise their car insurance, but these tricks could lead you to lower premiums.
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Don't insure your car for more than you have to. Follow these tips to getting cheap car insurance.
An affordable car insurance quote doesn't just happen. Follow these tips to find a lower premium.
Dozens of factors go into car insurance premiums. Here's why your aunt may pay less.
There's more than one way to research car insurance quotes. These tips will get you started.
Many people choose their own auto coverage, but an insurance agent can help define your needs.
If someone else drives your car and crashes, your liability varies with your car insurance policy.
There are older driver programs to help improve your driving skills and cut your car insurance costs.
Car insurance ads can be confusing. Follow these tips to decide what's best for you and at what cost.
When picking out a car, find out if the insurance cost carries its own sticker shock.
Car gap insurance is a smart buy for some. Here's how to decide if it's right for you.
Insurers offer pay-as-you-drive programs that keep premiums low. But they keep miles driven low, too.
Auto insurance may seem like a fixed expense, but there are many ways to cut your annual costs.
Two rare but important issues can impact how much money drivers collect from their insurance companies. Rental car insurance: Questions to ask your credit card company.

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