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It's an either-oar proposition
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It's an either oar proposition

Think rowing is just for Ivy Leaguers and Oxford grads? Think again. You needn't be a blue blood to enjoy this heart-healthy sport and save money.

Virtually every major city has one or more rowing clubs, and popularity is rising among "masters" rowers, or those age 27 and up. Rowing provides upper- and lower-body workouts because you pull with your arms and kick with your legs. And provided you don't row too gently down the stream, you'll get an impressive calorie burn even though you're sitting.

Most boathouses welcome the public, and they provide shells for members and indoor rowing machines for inclement weather. There's no special equipment required: You row in your socks.

Most clubs charge around $200 for beginner lessons and a small initiation fee that's roughly the same. Annual membership is well below most upscale gyms, says Elaine Roden, executive director of the Miami Beach Rowing Club.




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