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This insurance protects from the costs that arise if your car is stolen or involved in a crash.
A higher deductible may reduce an auto insurance premium, but could cost you big with any claim.
Technology offers new ways to save on insurance, but at a cost to personal privacy.
There's help when you're in a crash caused by a driver without enough insurance to pay your medical bills.
The added cost of car rental coverage in your auto insurance isn't much, but will you use it?
Under the liability part of your car insurance, your money is protected from claims and lawsuits.
Picking auto insurance can be overwhelming. Separate the wheat from the chaff with this infographic.
Whether you're carpooling or ride sharing through a program, know your insurance coverage.
Protect yourself against other drivers who don't have auto insurance coverage.
This auto insurance coverage can protect your wallet from huge medical bills after an accident.
If your car break down on the side of the road, your auto assurance may lend a helping hand.
Are you covered for a towing and labor? Find out and get a free auto insurance quote.
You have at least the minimum car insurance your state requires, but don't forget these features.
There are pros, cons and restrictions to stacking your uninsured and underinsured motorist limits.
Looking for auto insurance quotes online? Be sure to compare a few to find the best rate for you.
How to really save with cheap insurance: Pay based on how much you drive each year.
Should push come to bumper-nudge, you could wreak havoc on your car insurance.
The easiest way to save money is to regularly shop for the lowest auto insurance rates. Here's how.
Cheap auto insurance rates are easy to find if you know where to look. Here's a quick guide.
Cheap auto insurance could save you hundreds. But make sure you get what you pay for.
If you haven't looked at your auto insurance premium in a few years, it might be time.
Learn about the basic elements of your auto insurance policy.
Excited about that new smaller car you bought? You may not be after seeing your insurance premium.
Cheap auto insurance is within reach. Learn what you can do to get there.
There are a variety of things to look for when you're comparing auto insurance policies.
There are plenty of discounts and simple strategies you can use to lower your auto insurance bill.
A little ingenuity and savvy shopping can help you drive down auto insurance costs.
If you want to find a low auto insurance quote, you'll have to shop around and do your homework.
The key to buying motorcycle insurance is having enough coverage for your bike. Here's how to do it.
Auto insurance companies charge high-risk driver higher premiums. Follow these tips to cut your cost.
Finding cheap auto insurance means revving up your research. Here's how to do it.
Whether you use the Internet or Yellow Pages, obtain a free auto insurance quote before you buy.
Don't be intimidated from searching for lower auto insurance rates. Here's how to begin.
You spend extra time looking for the best deals when shopping, so why not do the same with auto insurance?
When picking out a car, find out if the insurance cost carries its own sticker shock.
Here's what to consider before you pay for protection now or risk the cost of a crash later.
Insurers offer pay-as-you-drive programs that keep premiums low. But they keep miles driven low, too.
When choosing auto insurance the lowest premium is not always the best insurance to buy.
If you live in a state with no-fault auto insurance, you need to understand what it does and doesn't do.
What is a binder? Our glossary of auto insurance terms and definitions will help you better choose your coverage.
Cut premiums with pay-as-you-drive auto insurance, but watch out for surcharges.
Auto insurance may seem like a fixed expense, but there are many ways to cut your annual costs.
An independent appraisal can help a reader fight their insurance company.
Shop around, understand the value before you buy, and maximize what you're getting for auto premiums.
An annual review of your car insurance policy can help you cut costs and fill in coverage gaps.

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