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Tired of paying hundreds of dollars every time you have to travel somewhere?

Some airports are easier on the wallet than others. See if you can get away with paying less than $350, the national average for domestic flights. I'm Janet Stauble with your Personal Finance Minute.

Need to go to New Jersey? Try the airport at Egg Harbor or Atlantic City. The average fare to get there is just $170.

California may not be famous for its affordability, but it does have reasonably priced gems. Fly into the Log Beach Airport and expect to pay about $140 less than the average domestic flight cost. And the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank could save you $90 on airfare.

If you're headed west, Washington State is an affordable place to land. Traveling to Bellingham can save you over $100.

Fly to Florida often? The Orlando International Airport is the most affordable airport in the Sunshine State. Travelers can save $90 off the nation's average domestic flight cost.

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