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Balance Transfer Credit Cards

What is a balance transfer credit card?

Balance transfer credit cards from our partners can reduce the interest you pay on your total credit card debt, effectively lowering your monthly payments and saving you money on finance charges. These cards allow you to consolidate all of your credit debt onto one low-rate card.

Who should get one?

These cards are typically designed for and offered to individuals with good to excellent credit. You may not qualify if your credit isn't in tip-top shape.

Balance transfer cards are ideal for individuals struggling to pay off the principal of their credit card debt due to high monthly interest payments. With balance transfer cards, you can make one low-rate monthly credit card payment instead of several.

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What are some pros and cons?

Many balance transfer cards offer a 0% introductory period. Some even provide cash back for purchases. Once you transfer all of your high-interest credit debt onto one card, you can save money on finance charges each month and pay off your debt more quickly. But because they come with a low introductory interest rate, their rewards are often not as extensive, and that 0% APR won't last forever.

Tips on balance transfer cards

Be careful -- that low rate you see on many of these cards is just the introductory rate, a temporary promotional period. It's important to calculate if you'll be able to pay off the balance in full before the promotional period ends. Otherwise, you may end up paying a much higher rate on your credit balance.

In addition, stay away from using the card for further purchases while paying off the balance. It's important to steadily reduce your credit card balance on a monthly basis.

Browse our extensive list of balance transfer card offers to apply for a card and start saving cash today.

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