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News Alerts  
What's a News Alert?
A News Alert is a brief e-mail notification that Bankrate.com has published a new story in the subject area you requested. For instance, if you're interested in reading all new stories about "auto loans," we'll send you brief descriptions and links to all new stories discussing auto loans as soon as they're published.

What topics do you cover?
We offer the following major topic areas:

  • Auto loans
  • Insurance
  • CDs/savings
  • IRA center
  • Checking and ATMs
  • Money markets
  • College saving plans/loans
  • Mortgages
  • Credit cards
  • Moving
  • Debt management
  • Online banking
  • Fed Watch
  • Personal finance
  • Home equity
  • Taxes
  • Identity theft

    What if I want something more specific?
    No problem. In addition to requesting major categories, you can also request News Alerts using keywords or phrases. Looking for more information about "adjustable rate mortgages" or "auto leases?" Just type in the phrases!

    What about my favorite writer? Can I be updated each time he or she writes a new story?
    Yes. When you're registering for your News Alert, just type in the writer's first and last name instead of a keyword or phrase.

    How often will I receive my News Alerts?
    As soon as we've published a new story covering the subject area you requested, we'll send you an alert. It could be several times a week, or several times a month depending on our editorial schedule.

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