Mortgage Rate Trend Index


Will rates go up, down or remain unchanged?

Dick LepreDick Lepre
Senior loan officer, RPM Mortgage, San Francisco
We are in a generally lower trend for the next month as the weekly tech is bullish (higher prices, lower yields). It is this weekly tech that sets the trend for mortgage rates. There is a daily tech that may become oversold next week, so we could back up slightly, but the general trend for the next month is slightly lower mortgage rates.
Mitch OhlbaumMitch Ohlbaum
Vice president of business development, Mortgage Capital Associates, Los Angeles
The 10-year is at 3.42 percent and seems to be staying below the critical 3.5 percent for now. The continued disruptions in Africa and the Middle East will keep oil prices high, which will continue to drain the equity markets as well as any spare money the consumer(s) may have in their pocket to spend on any other goods. The longer this lasts the more damaging it will be to the overall recovery. The Fed continues its buying spree, but with rates coming down it will have to spend less to achieve the desired effect. The bump in inflation due to the increase in oil will be short-lived.

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