2010 CD Study
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CD early withdrawal: Los Angeles

Bankrate.com's CD early withdrawal penalty study looked at five of the most common maturities and liquid CDs. This chart gives you an easy way to compare CD offerings by institution, metropolitan area and maturity as of the date of the survey.

In addition, the chart states the minimum deposit required to open an account, the yield to maturity, the institution's stated penalty for early withdrawal, the reduction in principal if the unpaid interest is less than the penalty, the grace period on automatically renewable CDs and whether the early withdrawal penalties are the same for retirement CDs.

CD early withdrawal penalty comparison
2. Los Angeles
InstitutionMinimum depositYield
Penalty for early withdrawalGrace period on automatically renewable CDsEarly withdrawal penalties same for retirement CDs?
Bank of America$1,0000.3590 days interest7 daysYes -- 90 days interest
Chase Bank$1,0000.2$25 + 1% of withdrawal amount10 daysYes -- $25 + 1% of withdrawal amount
Citibank$5000.2530 days interest7 daysNo -- 1-month simple interest
Union Bank$3500.2591 days simple interest10 daysNo -- Penalty depends on how far into the term you are when you withdraw funds
Wells Fargo Bank$2,5000.1$25 min/3 months interest7 daysYes -- $25 min/3 months interest
Fullerton Community Bk$2,5000.253 months interest7 daysYes -- 3 months interest
Kaiser Federal Bank$1,0000.5090 days interest7 daysYes -- 90 days interest
La Jolla Bank$10,0001.11 month interest7 daysYes -- 1 month interest
Luther Burbank Savings$1,0001.190 days interest7 daysYes -- 90 days interest
OneWest Bank$1,0001.151 month simple interest7 daysYes -- 1 month simple interest
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