Interest Rate Roundup
National CD rate averages

Here's a look at the state of CD rates from's weekly national survey of large banks and thrifts conducted Nov. 18, 2009.


Yields: 0.88 percent (1-year CD yield); 2.19 percent (5-year CD yield)

About the last thing savers want to hear is that the Fed may not start raising rates until early 2012. That's not to say the Fed will wait until then, it's just St. Louis Fed President James Bullard hazarding a guess based on prior Fed behavior.

In a speech to business leaders, Bullard noted that the Fed "did not begin policy rate increases until two-and-a-half to three years after the end of each of the past two recessions." Assuming that this most recent recession ended this past summer -- and if you assume the Fed will follow the same formula -- the next two years could be a very frustrating time for savers.

However, Bullard makes the point that the Fed has not turned a blind eye to the criticisms leveled at former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan for keeping rates too low for too long.

Whatever the future brings, the current scenario is only getting worse by the week, albeit by drips and drabs.

This week, the average one-year yield, as surveyed by, fell 1 basis point to 0.88 percent. The average five-year yield also shed 1 basis point to come in at 2.19 percent.

For a $100,000 deposit you can get an average one-year yield of 0.95 percent, down 1 basis point. The average jumbo five-year yield has trickled down to 2.21 percent, 1 basis point off from last week, and down about 3 basis points from one month ago.

The average yield for money market accounts dropped 1 basis point to 0.31 percent.

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-- Laura Bruce


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