Interest rate predictions in 2012



Interest rates hit rock bottom in 2011. While the record low interest rates were great for spenders, savers were scraping the bottom of the barrel for returns. So, what can we expect in 2012? Well, Greg McBride, Bankrate.com's Senior Financial Analyst joins us with the interest rate outlook for 2012.

Greg, mortgage rates fell to record lows in 2011. Where are they headed next year?

Savings rates have also been painfully low. Is there any hope for savers in 2012?

What are we likely to see with credit card rates and auto loans?

Ok, thanks for a preview of the year ahead. And of course, if you're looking to buy a home or vehicle, want to put your money into a savings vehicle or search for a cash-back credit card, you can explore all your interest rate needs right here at Bankrate.com. I'm Kristin Arnold.



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