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Everyone knows MasterCard for their catchy commercials and coined term, "priceless."


The company whose creativity and popularity have grown profusely over the past 40 years was founded in 1966 in New York City, as the Interbank Card Association and opened up new opportunities for consumers to purchase merchandise in an easier, faster and more effective way. After 13 years of development and changes such as the magstripe becoming a required feature on all cards, the company finally changed their name to MasterCard in 1979. Yet, in 1980 MasterCard revisited their name again and changed it to MasterCard International to emphasize their growing relationships with countries around the world. Other changes occurred as well with the changing of their name, including new offers for customers, like gold cards and corporate cards.

In 1987 MasterCard became the first card ever offered to the People's Republic of China. Shortly after in 1988 MasterCard acquired the Cirrus ATM Network and in 1991 merged with Europay to create Maestro, the first online point-of-cell debit network. As time and experience have taken shape for MasterCard they have continued to not only enhance their services as one of the best credit cards around, but they have become pervasive in not only the U.S. but all over the world. They have used their experience to gain and maintain strong relationships with other countries as well as other companies and can now be extremely proud to say that they provide services to over 210 countries and territories.

MasterCard provides an immense amount of services to their customers and every card is up to par with the high MasterCard standards. Cards range from world elite cards, gold, platinum, rewards, prepaid debit cards, and even the MasterCard pay pass which is perfect for those shoppers who are in a rush. Options are limitless when it comes to choosing a MasterCard. Explore the MasterCard credit card offers.

MasterCard's main headquarters are located at:
MasterCard Advisors
2000 Purchase Street
Purchase, NY 10577

They can also be reached by phone at 1-914-249-6524 or by email at


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