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Tara Baukus Mello

Confusing gear shift prompts big recall

More than 800,000 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep cars are being recalled because of a gear shift that confuses drivers, who are getting out of vehicles without putting them in park.  ... Read more

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Family unpacking car at the beach | Subaru

7 family cars that aren't minivans

Minivans can hold a team of kids, but some parents want more than lots of room. Read more

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6 luxury SUVs from NY auto show

Tackle a trail or take in an opera in a luxury SUV. These rides fit in anywhere.Read more

6 budget cars from the NY car show

If you can't afford the monthly payment of a luxury car, these budget rides are for you.Read more

Top 7 certified preowned cars

If you're weighing a car buy, check out these certified preowned models for under $28,000.Read more

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Driving for Dollars

Don't fret over check-engine light

Dear Driving for Dollars, Every once in a while, my check-engine light comes on, but the car always seems to be running fine and after a bit, the light goes off. Is this something I really need to worry about, or can I... Read more


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