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Tara Baukus Mello

Tesla electric car to be fastest 0-60 mph on the market

Tesla will offer a new version of its Model S that would make it the fastest accelerating production car today and the third fastest ever produced.  ... Read more

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Chevrolet Corvette © General Motors

The most American-made cars

Determined to buy American? These cars are the most homegrown. Read more

Latest Auto Headlines

Top 10 rides for new college grads

Just graduated from college? Drive off the lot in one of these irresistible cars.Read more

10 cities with the fewest car thefts

In these major metro areas, your car is safest from thieves.Read more

What your car is costing you

Whether you drive a small sedan or a minivan, it's cheaper to drive these days.Read more

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Driving for Dollars

I have 50 more car payments?!

Dear Driving for Dollars, We are so confused about our car loan. Our unpaid balance is just under $11,000 and our monthly payment is just under $300. We are thinking we have about 3 years left on our loan, yet when I look... Read more


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