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Tara Baukus Mello

Nissan recalls 3.8 million cars

Nissan recalls 3.8 million cars for problems that could prevent airbags from deploying.  ... Read more

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2016 Lincoln MKT | Lincoln

The 10 ugliest cars of 2016

These are the ugly ducklings of the car market. Mercedes-Benz even makes our 2016 list. Read more

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5 car brands that hold their value

If you expect to keep a car for a long time, check out models from these brands.Read more

6 discontinued cars millennials love

No surprise that millennials are buying used cars, but just look at their faves.Read more

6 luxury SUVs from NY auto show

Tackle a trail or take in an opera in a luxury SUV. These rides fit in anywhere.Read more

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Driving for Dollars

Here's when a kid can sit in front

Dear Driving for Dollars, My 5th grader has been out of a booster seat for ages. He keeps asking to sit up front and says that a lot of his friends do. I haven't found the answer -- all the info about kids in cars seems... Read more


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