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Mitch Strohm

Auto loan rates for Friday, July 29

Be sure to shop around for the best auto loan rates available.  ... Read more

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Woman in pink sweater inspecting car engine with flashlight © Matej Kastelic/

Top 10 check-engine-light repairs

When that light flickers on your dashboard, don't stall. Your car needs attention now. Read more

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Car affordability in 50 cities

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10 reliable used cars at a discount

Looking for a great used-car deal? These trusty models are marked down to move.Read more

Where car repairs cost the most

Car repair costs differ depending on where you live. See if you're paying more.Read more

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Driving for Dollars

Do car warranties expire?

Dear Driving for Dollars, I don't put very many miles on my car, so I was kind of surprised when the dealer told me my car was out of warranty when I took it in recently. The repair cost me nearly $200! He said that although... Read more


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