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Tara Baukus Mello

Drug-impaired driving on the rise

A new study finds that drug-impaired driving is increasing while drunken driving is declining in the U.S.  ... Read more

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2016 Kia Forte © Kia

6 high-tech cars under $25K

Want the latest in auto technology? Today, you don't have to buy a luxury car to get it. Read more

Driving for Dollars

Leave car with the engine running?

Dear Driving for Dollars, My husband has a habit of leaving his car running while he runs inside a store when it is cold or hot outside because he likes the car to stay at the temperature he prefers. He thinks as long as... Read more


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How 5 popular cars were named

Why is it called a Jeep? Who came up with Corvette? Read the stories behind the names.Read more

The 10 best states for drivers

When it comes to safety, speedy commutes and more, drivers in these states have it best.Read more

What to do after a car crash

If you aren't injured and can stay calm, follow these 4 steps when you're in a car accident.Read more

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