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Tara Baukus Mello

Don’t buy used car with tax refund

Think twice before using your tax refund to buy a car -- at least for the short term.  ... Read more

Top Story

top toyotas in the country ToyotaCamryXLE015

8 best-selling cars across the US

Americans tend to buy the same car models. Here are the top sellers by state. Read more

Driving for Dollars

Should I donate car to charity?

Dear Driving for Dollars, I'm ready to replace my car. I don't really need the money from a trade-in, but I'm not sure I want to do the legwork to sell it privately. Would it be better financially to donate my car to charity? ... Read more


Latest Auto Headlines

Map: Alternative fuel stations

If your car runs on an alternative fuel, your ability to find a place to "fill up" depends on the type of fuel you are using. This map will show you where in the United States you can find a filling station for your particular...Read more

5 cars for a trip to Grandma's

There are a few essential qualities you'll want in a vehicle if you're taking a trip with kids in tow, including top safety features, decent fuel economy, space and a low price. All of these 2014 model year cars have a five-star...Read more

Safe to put child in 2-seat car?

Dear Driving for Dollars, My husband drives a small pickup with just two seats. Is it safe for my 8-year-old daughter to ride in this two-seat car? -- Sandra Dear Sandra, Children, defined as those under age 13, are...Read more

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