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Tara Baukus Mello

VW exec talks recall in front of Congress

Congressional testimony on Volkswagen's diesel emissions issue includes how it will fix cars, the timing of the repairs and what owners can expect afterward.  ... Read more

Top Story

Woman in pink sweater inspecting car engine with flashlight © Matej Kastelic/

Top 10 check-engine-light repairs

When that light flickers on your dashboard, don't stall. Your car needs attention now. Read more

Driving for Dollars

What if I'm denied a car loan?

Dear Driving for Dollars, Two weeks ago, I went to my bank to get a car loan and was denied. The bank said that I have a car repossession from 2008 that's hurting my credit and that I have a student loan, which is in good... Read more


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7 car brands that bewitch buyers

Not all car brands are created equal. Here's 1 take on the most appealing nameplates.Read more

The 5 cars for a summer road trip

Going on your own family "Vacation"? Hit the road to Walley World in one of these cars.Read more

How 5 popular cars were named

Why is it called a Jeep? Who came up with Corvette? Read the stories behind the names.Read more

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