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Tara Baukus Mello

Nissan offers discounts to Hurricane Matthew victims

People whose cars were damaged or totaled as a result of the storm this month can qualify for Nissan's employee pricing.  ... Read more

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Woman checking her car's engine © Tatiana Chekryzhova/

Top 10 check-engine-light repairs

When that light flickers on your dashboard, don't stall. Your car needs attention now. Read more

Latest Auto Headlines

10 worst states for deer crashes

Antler alert! See if you live in a place with a high rate for collisions with deer.Read more

Your risk of banging into Bambi

Check our map to see if it's likely that a deer will wreck your day -- and car.Read more

8 SUVs and trucks owners love

Good gas mileage and performance are keeping drivers satisfied with these vehicles.Read more

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Driving for Dollars

Good credit means cheap car loan?

Dear Driving for Dollars, My wife and I are going to be buying a new car soon. I know we have great credit, so I've been poking around to find the lender that has the best interest rates. I know the "as low as" rates they... Read more


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