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Tara Baukus Mello

Toyota discontinues Scion brand

Toyota is discontinuing its Scion brand and will fold its models back into the Toyota product line.  ... Read more

Top Story

Land Rover Range Rover Sport © Land Rover

5 car brands that hold their value

If you expect to keep a car for a long time, check out models from these brands. Read more

Driving for Dollars

When to wear a rear seat belt

Dear Driving for Dollars, My mother-in-law visited me from New York City recently, and she refused to buckle her seat belt when she sat in the rear seat of my car. She always rides in taxicabs around the city, and she said... Read more


Latest Auto Headlines

5 new trucks, SUVs at Detroit show

With cheap gas making trucks and SUVs more appealing, automakers debut 5 models.Read more

7 luxury cars at the Detroit show

You won't be able to buy these posh cars until next year, but here's a peek at them now.Read more

6 discontinued cars millennials love

No surprise that millennials are buying used cars, but just look at their choices.Read more

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