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Don Taylor

Time to sound HELOC alarm bells?

Have a variable-rate home equity line of credit? Consider refinancing and locking in lower rate. Read more

Summer housing trends

Young family in front of their dream house © Monkey Business Images/

5 hot housing trends this summer

Will rates stay low and home prices remain stable?

Latest Refinance Headlines

Refi for lower rate, longer term?

Be careful with a mortgage rate reduction offer that may not save you much in the long run.Read more

Refinance into a 'no-cost' loan?

You pay closing costs, even with a loan that claims you don't. It can still be a good deal.Read more

Extend mortgage term and retire?

Approaching retirement? Consult a financial planner before refinancing your mortgage.Read more

Should I refi a new mortgage?

The ink isn't dry on your mortgage, yet interest rates keep falling. Time to refinance?Read more

When should you refinance?

7 good reasons to refinance

A refinance can have many benefits, from getting a lower rate to consolidating debt.Read more


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