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Top Story

New England style house with cartoon characters standing on the steps © jessicakirsh/; © Lorelyn Medina/

Refi 1st mortgage but not 2nd?

Your mortgage doesn't want to step in line behind the equity loan. Thus, resubordination. Read more


Fall housing trends

Handing over house key © Dragon Images/

7 must-do's: 1st-time homebuyers

Perplexed by the homebuying process? Remember these crucial steps. And have fun!Read more

Latest Refinance Headlines

Why refi to 15-year mortgage?

Refinancing to a 15-year loan saves money in the long run. Is it for you?Read more

Can I refi after bankruptcy?

Trying to refi if your home wasn't reaffirmed in bankruptcy? It can have consequences.Read more

VA loans offer good deal

Ignored in recent years, Veterans Affairs mortgage loans are making a comeback.Read more

Refi for lower rate, longer term?

Be careful with a mortgage rate reduction offer that may not save you much in the long run.Read more

When should you refinance?

7 good reasons to refinance

A refinance can have many benefits, from getting a lower rate to consolidating debt.Read more


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