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Marital settlement agreement © iStock

Ex won't refi -- what can I do?

Court is one way to make your ex-wife take your name off the title, but it might not work. Read more


Summer Housing Heats Up

Narragansett, Rhode Island |

10 homes in happy beach towns

Sun, sand and breezes make these the happiest beach towns. Can you afford them?

Latest Refinance Headlines

Refinancing a mobile home loan

You save money by financing a mobile home as real estate instead of personal property.Read more

Refi 1st mortgage but not 2nd?

Your mortgage doesn't want to step in line behind the equity loan. Thus, resubordination.Read more

Buy home with cash, then get cash

Normally you have to wait six months to extract equity. Not under this program.Read more

Why refi to 15-year mortgage?

Refinancing to a 15-year loan saves money in the long run. Is it for you?Read more


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