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A 20-year mortgage offers a lower payment, but there's one reason you might prefer a 30-year.
An expert says a mortgage refinance is among the best ways to invest your savings.
An expert says it is a great time to refinance -- but it may not stay that way.
See whether you'll qualify for the more generous Home Affordable Refinance Program.
A mortgage refinance is trickier than it was a few years ago. Here are five ways to mess up.
A refinance can have many benefits, from getting a lower rate to consolidating debt.
Refinancing -- Veterans Affairs loan or not -- is a major move. Follow this guide.
Can't refinance your mortgage at the advertised rate? See which factors govern a refi deal.
Mortgage rates finally fall after having risen four weeks in a row. Time to refinance?
If Congress ushers in another recession, will that be good for mortgage rates, or bad?
Mortgages have risen three weeks in a row. Here's why you still have time to refinance.
Mortgages are still low, and underwater homeowners are refinancing in big numbers.
Mortgages rise for the first time in four months because a banker in Frankfurt opens his mouth.
You found out your new mortgage is really a home equity line. Here's your loan lowdown.
With an aimless Congress, feeble Fed and infirm Europe, there's no oomph to boost mortgages.
The U.S. mortgage market walks into a bar. The bartender says: "Why the low rates?"
Three homeowners describe the pleasures and pitfalls of refinancing their mortgages.
The shorter term can be worth the higher monthly payments if you don't shortchange other goals.
Mortgage rates fall to record lows because of sputtering employment and political uncertainty.
Mortgages test a new low, despite Europe's latest effort to ease its debt crisis.
Those folks in Europe really know how to hold down mortgage rates in the States.
Turmoil in Europe brings contentment to borrowers in the States because of low rates.
At today's low rates, a refi is tempting. Follow these tips to make sure it's right for you.
The 30-year fixed is in record territory again. But can you actually snag that rate?
Low rates let borrowers refinance their mortgages mere months after their previous refis.
Mortgage rates have dropped to a record low again. How about refinancing into a 15-year loan?
Can you afford a house? Mortgage rates are at rock bottom and home prices are about to climb.
Using your tax refund to pay down your mortgage is just one way to reduce your monthly bill.
As mortgage rates fall below 4 percent, homeowners are refinancing in droves.
Cash-in? Cash-out? HARP? There's more than one way to refinance and grab today's low rates.
As mortgage rates fall to a record low, why aren't more people buying houses?
There are times when home sellers wish they hadn't used their property as a piggy bank.
The Fed and the debt-squabbling Europeans are behind mortgage rates' long stay in the cellar.
Looking to renovate your home? You can take more than you need in a refinance to cover it.
Homeowners are jumping onto the refinance bandwagon as rates remain near record lows.
Mortgage rates fall as European debt doubts move to Spain, and U.S. job growth slows.
Low rates may tempt you to tap your home for investment money. Find out if that's worth doing.
At today's rates, a cash-out refi seems the way out of credit card debt, but do the math first.
Yes, to refinancing. No, to taking cash out. The refi can help to pay your debt in another way.
Wondering whether to refinance your home? Don't let taxes come before these other factors.
It's not easy to refinance your mortgage when you have equity debt. Here are the options.
Wake up and smell the mortgage rates: They're still tasty, albeit higher than last week.
Mortgage rates headed down again, even though the economy is sort of looking up. Kind of.
Lowering interest isn't the only goal in refinancing. Ponder these other reasons first.
A good jobs report pushes up mortgage rates, which remain temptingly low for refinancers.
As mortgage rates dive, the president proposes a way to let more homeowners refinance.
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