8 hot jobs to land in 2013 and beyond

Interpreters and translators
Job: Interpreters and Translators © lightpoet -
  • Expected growth (2010-2020): 42 percent
  • Average annual salary: $43,300
  • Minimum education: Bachelor's degree

If you are fluent in more than one language, your opportunity for using your skills in an interpreter or translator career will be excellent over the next eight years.

"This is a function of the global marketplace. Business is being done on a global scale, and immigration is also at an all-time high," Shatkin says.

The translation and interpreting industry has proved to be recession-resistant, showing double-digit growth even during the deepest global economic crisis, says Jiri Stejskal, president and CEO of Cetra Language Solutions in Elkins Park, Pa.

"This is simply because this service is not a luxury item but rather a communication tool, without which multinational companies and cross-border businesses cannot function," Stejskal says.

The need for good translators and interpreters hasn't slowed even after the proliferation of free automated translation tools such as Google Translate or Bing Translator.

"(This) does not reduce the need for translators and interpreters, but rather creates a whole new market for their services as world communities become more connected," Stejskal says.

Although interpreters and translators typically need a bachelor's degree, the chief requirement is being fluent in English and at least one other language. While there is no universal certification required to become an interpreter or translator, various associations provide certification programs.


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