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Paying for home improvements

It's fun to imagine how you'll use a new space in your home, but how will you pay for it? Read more

How do I: Decide to remodel or buy a new home?

Here's a guide to help you decide if you should remodel or buy a new home. Read more

Shopping for a student loan

When you search multiple loan options, you could be damaging your credit report. Here's the best way to shop Read more

Does it pay to play by rules?

Everywhere you look, someone is being rewarded for bad behavior. Does it still pay to play by the rules? Read more



What are personal loans?

Also called signature loans and unsecured loans, personal loans are ones that are typically issued and supported only by the borrower's creditworthiness, rather than by collateral.

Personal Loan Tips

Using personal loans to fund home improvements
It's fun to imagine how you'll use a new space in your home, but understanding the specifics of your financing options can help you reach a decision that's as good for your pocketbook as the renovation is for your home. Read more

Researching personal loan rates
Borrowers should expect an interest rate higher than the rate charged for a mortgage or car loan, but as always, it pays to shop around. Read more

3 tips for getting a personal bank loan
The fragile state of the economy may have you seeking out a personal bank loan, but take care to look before you leap. It's important to secure the best interest rate possible before pursuing personal bank loans for temporary financial relief. Here are three tips for acquiring a respectable rate on a personal bank loan. Read more