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Credit unions are known as consumer-friendly, but sometimes a megabank is a better choice.
Bankrate surveyed 50 of the nation's largest credit unions to find the best checking accounts.
If your bank yanks free checking, you still might get it at a credit union. Many offer it.
A credit union may be a better option than a bank for certain depositors. Are you one of them?
Don't be put off by the "members-only" tag. Reap the benefits of these not-so-exclusive clubs.
Credit unions used to require a job tie for membership. Now, you can join without it.
All deposits are insured, but you can still determine the safety of each institution.
Credit union deposits are insured, but you can also check ratings using this tool.
Credit unions provide all the conveniences of banks, without the fees and abysmal interest rates.
Credit unions often offer higher rates on savings, but membership restrictions typically apply.
See checking accounts offered at credit unions compare.
See what kind of checking account is offered at Citizens Equity First Credit Union.
See what kind of checking account is offered at San Diego County Credit Union.
There is no good reason to keep shares in a credit union CD if they are not NCUSIF-insured.
Credit union credit cards may cost you less, but rewards are lower. See if it's the right choice for you.
Savers who dump low-yielding CDs before maturity may find the move costly, a Bankrate survey finds.
Credit unions can be a great choice for savers with little money and a thin credit history.
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