10 ways to lose a job before you get it

Ask about vacations on the interview
Ask about vacations on the interview © Andrey_Popov/

Consultant Barry Maher, author of the book "Filling the Glass: The Skeptic's Guide to Positive Thinking in Business," recently was involved in an interview where the interviewee's first three questions, in order:

  • "How much vacation time do I get?"
  • "How long do I have to be here before I'm eligible for a vacation?"
  • "How long before I start to accrue additional weeks of vacation?"

This applicant gave the impression that he couldn't wait to spend time off the clock. Instead, Maher says, prep questions like: "What would the perfect employee for this job look like for you?" or "In the best of all possible worlds, what would you like me to accomplish for you in three months, in a year, in five years?"


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