6 ways to tap social media to find a job

Job hunting in the age of social media
Job hunting in the age of social media © Shutter_M/

Today, it takes more than talent to attract job offers.

Now, you must pepper Internet social networking sites with evidence of your professional acumen so recruiters trolling these sites can seek you out.

On the flip side, when you're looking for job opportunities, you may find news about openings before they're broadly advertised.

"Ten years ago, there was a move from newspaper (help-wanted advertising) to online job boards," says Neal Bruce, vice president of product management for Raleigh, N.C., and Waltham, Mass.-based Peoplefluent, a human resources technology company. "Now, there's been a transformation from job boards into social media."

Companies have invested in employees and technology to find talent on sites such as Twitter and are anxious to see these efforts yield good hires, he says.

Here are some tips on tapping the social media world to find a job and get noticed for a position.

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It takes more than talent to secure a job offer, but have you ever thought about tweeting your way into a company? Social media might be the best way for finding a job in the age of technology.

Following firms and companies that you're interested in on twitter can be the quickest way to find new job openings. Companies are looking to save money on job postings so they tend to use websites like Twitter and LinkedIn to get the job out there. Sometimes companies will have separate Twitter accounts they use to post about job openings.

Apart from following companies on Twitter, following certain firms and industry leaders will get you noticed by recruiters. Use Twitter to connect with people and fields that might not normally be available to you.

Posting about your specific talents might get you noticed by recruiters, who are looking for workers with particular skills. As always, keep all social media profiles professional.



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