8 hot jobs to land in 2013 and beyond

Meeting, convention and event planner
Job: Meeting, convention and event planner © Karramba Production/
  • Expected growth (2010-2020): 44 percent
  • Average annual salary: $45,260
  • Minimum education: Bachelor's degree

If you are good at the details of arranging parties, meetings and vacations, you may have an aptitude for a promising career as a meeting, convention or event planner.

These professionals handle all the behind-the-scenes work of a successful meeting, event or convention, including choosing the meeting location, arranging transportation and making sure the event falls within a client's budget.

"While the Internet provides other means for business people to meet, such as through Skype, they are also discovering there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings," Shatkin says. "Now that business is bouncing back, meetings are also bouncing back."

While employers prefer applicants with a bachelor's degree, you also will need related work experience in hospitality management, catering or event planning.

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average annual salary of about $45,000, Brad Bebell, spokesman for Meeting Professionals International, a trade association in Dallas, says that its members average $85,000 per year, with those in the travel industry averaging more than $100,000 per year.

"We're (also) seeing a proliferation of degree programs across the country. Hospitality schools are offering majors in meeting and event planning, not just minors or classes," Bebell says.


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