Q&A with Kim Delaney of 'Army Wives'

Bankrate: Is that an extravagant hobby of yours -- shopping for furniture?

Kim Delaney: Yes, I'd say so. I definitely like that better than shopping for clothes or stuff for myself. I mean, I love clothes, but I'm not one to go into a store and look at clothes and shoes like other women. I'd rather go look at furniture. I love the estate sales of furniture too, so I consider it an investment of sorts.

Bankrate: "Army Wives" has proven very successful and was picked up early for next season, season three.  Does this give you peace of mind as far as financial stability is concerned?

Kim Delaney: Considering the business I'm in, oh yeah. To be picked up early, it's so helpful for all of us and I'm so happy for the crew because they can go plan a life and vacation with their families. It gives everyone a breath. Life changes and you never know what happens, but at the moment, for another year, I'm guaranteed an income. And I have a child now to put through college, so I'm not stopping anytime soon.

Bankrate: Are you surprised by the success "Army Wives" is enjoying?

Kim Delaney: I am. I loved the scripts when I first got them. But you never know what an audience is going to like.  We're having a great time shooting in Charleston. It's almost like we're in our own little bubble on an Army post. We are a little family that gets together and gets along. It's nice to know that people are appreciating all the work we've put into this show.

Bankrate: What are some of your favorite things to do off camera with the rest of the cast and crew?

Kim Delaney: Well, golfing is becoming a big thing here. I'm learning. We do movies together. We love to have barbecues at (each other's) homes. Or, we'll all go out and meet at a restaurant because the food here is phenomenal. 

Bankrate: What do you think ensures your happiness?

Kim Delaney: I was just talking about that at yoga today. One thing someone said was "forgiveness will make you happy." Letting go. But what ensures my happiness?  Probably taking care of myself, because then I'm good for me and everybody else.

Bankrate: If you had only ten minutes, how would you put yourself together?

Kim Delaney: A coat of black mascara, real fast; some under-eye concealer; some lips.  And just twist my hair up in a simple barrette. 

Bankrate: Now that Jack is going off to college, looking back, what do you think motherhood has made you realize? 

Kim Delaney: As he learns, I learn something else about myself, … just to have that joy he has. To look at these kids' faces, they're just so open (to each new day). You watch them go off to college, and (doors for them) are wide open everyday. That's what I've learned. 


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