Q&A with country singer Kellie Pickler

Bankrate: How do you combat stress?

Kellie Pickler: I write. I love to write and that's probably the biggest stress-reliever for me. I just put it all down on paper. I write a song about it, and it helps me deal with anything that is causing me stress. My writing has definitely matured over the years. There is one song on my new CD called "I Just Want Somebody To Love Me" and I'm so proud of it. I think we all go through times in life where we're all searching for that big acceptance, and we all want to be loved by someone. I went through the same stage that every other woman goes through.

Bankrate: It seems like you've had a big learning curve over the last year or so. Do you think Nashville looks at you differently and takes you more seriously?

Kellie Pickler: Yeah I do, especially since the CMAs. That was my first time ever performing at an awards show and in front of the Nashville music industry folks. I think I got off the track of being a dumb blonde, because they now know I do write my own material. I can say just a couple of things, and that image sticks with me forever. People will remember one bad thing before they remember 100 good things.

Bankrate: If you could meet an historical figure, who would it be?

Kellie Pickler: Goodness, I won't get into politics. In the music world, how cool would it be to sit down and hang out with Elvis or The Beatles? That would be so cool. How 'bout Tammy Wynette? I would love to talk to those legendary singers. I think we'd have a lot in common.

Bankrate: "Don't You Know You're Beautiful" has also received a lot of positive feedback from fans. How does that make you feel?

Kellie Pickler: Great, I'm in love with that song. You kind of think it's talking about the beauty on the outside, but it's not. It's talking about the beauty of a person on the inside. When people think about beautiful, they think about the outward appearance. But what it's talking about is capturing that inner beauty. In the first verse, it's telling a little girl who's looking through magazines and (who) wants what is in there that you shouldn't put a value on who you are ... it's not on a price tag, but comes from within. Your heart is more beautiful than those designer jeans.


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