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Fame & Fortune: Queen Latifah

Bankrate: Director Adam Shankman said with the previous success of "Bringing Down the House," that you and Steve Martin priced yourselves out of a sequel. Is this true?

Queen Latifah: A movie is so successful that you can't make another one? What's up with that? But you ain't lying. I mean we are not going to be able to make that movie because of possible finances? I would love to do a sequel. I don't know where we would go with it exactly. I'd love to work with Steve and Eugene (Levy) and Adam again; we had a blast doing that film.

Bankrate: Being so popular, you're probably recognized everywhere you go. Is that a problem?

Queen Latifah: It can sometimes be because people, for some reason, find me very approachable. Everyone feels like they can talk to me, which I must say, they pretty much can, but sometimes it wears you out. It becomes difficult for the people around me, the ones I'm trying to have a conversation with, and sometimes it's an important (conversation).

Bankrate: But you still go out there and don't live in a cocoon.

Queen Latifah: I just can't do that. I'd rather get disturbed a thousand times than have to roll with eight bodyguards and not let people within 15 feet to 20 feet of me. ... I mean it's a give-and-take unfortunately, you know. We can't have it all, and it's one of the tough parts of the gig, but what are you going to do? Bodyguards just attract more attention.

Bankrate: It seems you enjoy giving back.

Queen Latifah: Sure, like I said, it's a very positive thing to give back and not always be the one on the receiving end. That's why I joined up with this Clean Makeup program. ... I'm actively involved in the initiative. It's almost silly to think that we can actually stop children and families from drinking contaminated water just as it is that we can prevent AIDS or HIV, but we have to try.

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