Fame & Fortune: Mario Lopez

Bankrate: Thinking back, did you ever have certain dreams that you gave up on only to reclaim them later on in life?

Mario Lopez: No. I just sort of kept going. I just wanted to tackle as many fields as I could and do as many different things as I could. I don't have any regrets. Wait, I have regrets (laughs) but not professionally at least.

Bankrate: "Mario Lopez's Knockout Fitness" was a best-seller, but your follow-up book is a children's story. Do you have any plans to do another fitness book?

Mario Lopez: Actually I'm following it up with a diet book, and I can't give you too much info really. But it will come out sometime after the children's book. I think what you eat is so important to your overall health. It's not just about working out, but what you put into your body as well.

Bankrate: So if I went into your kitchen today, what staples would I always find?

Mario Lopez: Protein muffins, a lot of meat and chicken in the fridge and freezer. I like cereal a lot so there's always milk. And I like milk in my coffee, too, and lots of fresh fruits.

Bankrate: I know you box, swim and do other regular forms of exercise. Do you engage in sports or incorporate sports into your workout routine?

Mario Lopez: Oh, yeah. I'm going to be playing softball this weekend. I play basketball. I really like playing most sports.

Bankrate: You are often associated with a pretty woman on your arm or who's vacationing with you. In Hollywood, what woman's sense of style do you admire?

Mario Lopez: I just did an "Extra" show with Katherine Heigl and she always looks very pretty, stylish and classy. So does Catherine Zeta-Jones. I like those classic looks in a woman. I think Diane Lane takes really good care of herself.

Bankrate: You have a fast-paced career. But in this economic climate, have you downsized your lifestyle at all?

Mario Lopez: I've always lived a conservative lifestyle. I haven't been one to be extravagant at all. I don't even think I've had a big splurge, come to think of it. No wait, I bought an outdoor, waterproof TV not too long ago.

Bankrate: You are in big demand right now as host, author and performer. But you're in such a tenuous business, do you save for that proverbial rainy day?

Mario Lopez: All the time. When you don't grow up with a lot of money as I did, you start to think in two ways. You start spending it a lot, or you are very conservative and start saving for a rainy day. I'm a saver.

Bankrate: What award would give you the greatest pleasure in the world?

Mario Lopez: I don't put a lot of weight into awards. I've received some community awards that made me feel good from doing stuff with the Boys & Girls Club. I got entered into their Hall of Fame. That meant a lot to me. But I don't need accolades or a pat on the back for my work. It's nice, but the other is more special.


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