Fame & Fortune: Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez When "Mario Lopez's Knockout Fitness" was released in stores in 2008, it became a favorite among the health and fitness crowd as well as the curious who wanted to know how this 5-foot-10-inch performer stays so fit. While some might have thought his follow-up book might have been another health-related volume, the handsome 36-year-old penned the children's book "Mud Tacos" with his sister Marissa Lopez Wong (released in October). The culturally inspired tale about their family and the bond between a brother and sister is sure to entertain while educating youngsters.

The San Diego native enjoyed sports like wrestling in high school, but has gravitated toward entertainment as an adult. Lopez first appeared on television in the 1984 series "a.k.a. Pablo," but he'll probably always be associated with the classmates on "Saved by the Bell" which premiered 20 years ago.

Daytime viewers ogled him for four months in 2006 as he portrayed sexy Dr. Christian Ramirez on "The Bold and the Beautiful." He danced his way into our living rooms on the hit program "Dancing With the Stars," coming in second in the 2006 to 2007 season, and then went on to star in Broadway's revival of "A Chorus Line" in 2008.

Lopez is the host of "Extra" and regularly fills in as guest host on "Live with Regis and Kelly," while appearing on other TV shows such as FX's "Nip/Tuck."


Bankrate: I know you are still very close to your mother, talking to her several times a week. What's the best advice she's ever given you?

Mario Lopez: She's given me a lot of good advice. To nail it down, it would probably be: There are no shortcuts, nothing beats hard work and God's watching.

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