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'Mad Men's' Vincent Kartheiser watches his spending

On "Mad Men," Vincent Kartheiser's Pete Campbell can be ruthlessly ambitious, striving to advance no matter the cost. In real life though, the friendly, down-to-earth Kartheiser -- who recently played another ambitious role, that of the man who controls the world's time in the sci-fi action film "In Time" -- seems quite different. He spoke to us about his surprising career to date.

Vincent Kartheiser
Vincent KartheiserPhoto by PR Photos
So you've always done well?

It ebbs and flows. That's the thing with our career. When I was 9, I made $65,000, and then I didn't make that kind of money again until I was 14 or so. But I did a film when I was 16, and that was my first year making what I consider to be a lot of money. I went out and bought a pair of Gucci shoes or something, and I never wore them. But I would also go for years without working, run out of money, then get a job and have a little bit of money.

Over the last 25 years or so that I've been acting, that instilled in me this idea that this is gonna end. "Mad Men" is going to be over at some point and my career will slow down, and I have to be prepared. So I have to be a little bit financially conservative when it comes to certain things. I drive a Volkswagen Golf, and I live in a very, very small house. I try to keep it pretty simple.



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