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Mastering the financial-aid maze

You practically need a doctoral degree to understand the details of financial aid. Help is on the way.

Check out this guide to mastering the financial-aid maze.


Debt isn't a prerequisite for college
Here's how to graduate without red ink on your diploma.

Figuring out financial aid awards
Your teen has settled on a college, now for the money part. Bankrate.com walks families through the financial aid process. Award letters and important deadlines explained.

Despite the name, education IRAs are for college days, not Golden Years
The inappropriately named education IRA allows you to save some tax-free cash, up to $500 a year, for your child's college education.

Budgeting for the college student
Exams, term papers, final projects . . . Let's face it: college is stressful. But knowing how to live on a budget can relax your mind a bit while burning the midnight oil.
PLUS: A budgeting worksheet



-- Updated: April 25, 2002



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