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Celebrities on retirement

Celebrity roundup
Charles Barkley
Sandra Bernhard
Barbara Eden
Mike Greenberg
Jim Harrison
Carl St. Clair
John Stossel
Who: Barbara Eden
Actress ("I Dream of Jeannie")
Fame & Fortune Q&A:
Bankrate: Are you into investing?
Barbara Eden: No. I'm in bonds. I've been in munis all my life. I don't gamble. My husband (Los Angeles developer Jon Eicholtz) gambles. He follows the stock market, he has his own money, he does with it as he wishes. But I don't think actors should do that because our business is gambling. We never know when we're going to work. Although I've been very lucky, as people point out to me. I have always had an income. I always worked. But actors, in general, I don't think you should. I think you should be very conservative and cautious.
Bankrate: So you never got into the whole tech stock craze?
Barbara Eden: Never. My retirement fund is a bit more of a maverick than my personal trust fund, but even that is T-Bills ... things like that.
Lesson learned: 
For retirement, invest in safe vehicles like bonds and Treasuries.
Read the entire interview with Barbara Eden.
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-- Posted: Oct. 1, 2007
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