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Transcript: Holiday tipping

Standup Intro: "I'm Kristin Arnold. From your barber to your mailman, you're expected to be generous during the holidays. But how much do you give to whom? Bankrate.com has some tips on tipping.

Voice over 1: Babysitters, pet sitters, barbers, housekeepers, teachers. There's a lot of people who take care of us year-round. So as the year ends, it's time to take care of them.

SOT "I get my paper every morning like clockwork, and have for years. My mail always comes on time. And I always get all my mail. And those are the people that seem to be slighted."

Voice over 2: The list of people you're supposed to tip is long. So if budget's the issue, according to Emily Post, deciding who gets what should be based on the frequency of service and your relationship.

Voice over 3: Example? If you don't know your trash collector's name, well, a tip is not in order. Same goes for your letter carrier, who by the way, isn't supposed to receive cash anyway.

Voice over 4: For cleaning people, gardeners, trainers or babysitters, the suggested amount is equal to a session of their normal pay. And for a schoolteacher? A group gift from students and parents is considered correct. Cash is not.

Standup: And speaking of cash, manners mavens will tell you it's crass to just hand somebody money. Instead, put it in a card with a hand-written note. And if you're light on cash, it's OK to just give somebody a card. Most important thing, though? Don't ever feel obligated to give a tip. A tip is for exceptional service. For Bankrate.com, I'm Kristin Arnold.

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-- Posted: Dec. 12, 2008
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