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Extravagant, offbeat gift ideas
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Your movie-loving friends will sing your praises if you spring for a double feature: tickets to a Broadway show that features their favorite actor, plus an overnight stay in the Big Apple, says White. Consult the upcoming cast lists at playbill.com to find out which Hollywood stars plan to tackle Broadway roles.

Bright idea
For the traveler, grandparent, stay-at-home parent or anyone who could use some extra protection when alone, surefire.com sells personal flashlights that shine so brightly they momentarily blind any attacker. The FBI, U.S. Air Marshals and many police departments routinely issue SureFire's weapon flashlights. For $75 or $95, one small personal flashlight lasts for 10 years and at 3.1 ounces, fits in a suit pocket or purse. What's more, these tiny self-defense weapons double as regular flashlights, which you can't say about a can of Mace.

Pampered pooches
For people with pets, a great gift might just go to the dogs. Consider purchasing a dog bed in a color that matches the color scheme of their home, Deyette says. You can get one that looks and feels extra lush for about $100 to $200. For an extra treat, pile up great chew toys on top, a huge bag of healthy treats and a few cans of Fido's favorite dog food, if you know what brand to buy.

For someone with a small dog, consider buying a dog outfit for little Fido. Fetch those hard-to-find items such as snow jackets at designer dogwear sites. Elegant Paws is one. Of course, a matching collar and leash make good gifts, too. These can be found at wagwear.com, another chichi dogwear line.

Gifts that rock ... and pop
From lessons to sheet music to vintage posters, there's plenty to choose from when buying for a musician or music lover. It all depends on the person -- and how extreme you want your gift to be.

You can spend thousands on rare vintage posters and fine art prints of performers such as Jimi Hendrix, Metallica and The Who at Wolfgang's Vault, a rock-n-roll memorabilia warehouse that houses the remaining archive of Bill Graham Presents, a major rock concert promoter during the '60s. The Vault features more than 15,000 different items, ranging from vintage tickets and backstage passes and T-shirts to vintage posters, art prints and miscellaneous memorabilia.

Vintage tickets represent "a facsimile of the original posters for that venue," says Matt Lundberg, vice president. "These look great framed together with the matching poster."

Promotional posters or original posters that advertised upcoming venues for that artist or group range in price from $15 to $20,000. Cost of one rare Jimi Hendrix poster from 1969: $8,585. Most of the really extraordinary items or one-of-a-kind artwork are sold through an online auction so gratification may be slightly delayed.

If a poster doesn't appeal as a gift, find some apparel once touched by the stars inside the aptly titled Bill's Closet. We found one eerie famous prop: a Marilyn Manson straightjacket from the 1997 Warfield Theatre venue. Complete with leather straps, the dark gray jacket is one of the most expensive items in Bill's Closet. Cost of a straightjacket: $866.

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