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Fame & Fortune: Jaclyn Smith

Acting or business, 'Angels' star is 'Shear Genius'
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Bankrate: How successful is your K-Mart career?

Jaclyn Smith: I'd say over 25 million women are wearing my clothes today and they have been extremely successful. You can't beat them for the price and they're easy wear, contemporary and well made. So we gave people who couldn't go and pay hundreds of dollars for a blouse, one that's completely affordable. And I think that's why we've been successful. I hope my children will someday be proud that I worked and made my own way.

Bankrate: Has any of your business success surprised you at all? 

Jaclyn Smith: I was brought up with a sense of investment, of being wise with my money, in a conservative way. So, with that, I truly question why am I doing this and collect my facts, I educate myself. 

Bankrate: How involved are you with your designs? 

Jaclyn Smith: Totally. Nothing really goes into the stores that I haven't seen or met on such as colors, fabrics. And things have been added here and there over the years. With the home goods, it includes upholstered and wood furniture and fabric. Rugs, fine art reproduction, lamps and more are planned. My goal is to be a whole-home resource and we're well on our way. 

Bankrate: Now you have Jaclyn Smith International which you formed four years ago that you formed with Largo International of Houston? 

Jaclyn Smith: Yes. He (Glenn Wakefield/Largo president) was from Houston and I'm from Houston. It just seemd to fit. I think God has a plan for us all. My kids were grown up and it was, "Let's challenge her in another area." 

Bankrate: Describe your closet today.

Jaclyn Smith: Basically classic clothes make me feel comfortable. I like to dress up and go out but I'm pretty casual with my lifestyle because it's centered around the home. I can throw on my K-Mart clothes because they're easy care and can go anywhere. Certain collections you can go to a luncheon in. I like shorter style skirts or really long ones. And I really don't like outfits. I like a jacket from one thing and a skirt from another and a blouse. Yes, I do have the beautiful designer suit which I put on, but as a whole, if you ask what I prefer to wear, it's a mixture of things. I'm crazy about white cotton shirts so I like to wear them with jeans for casual or a pair of slacks. That's a staple in my closet. And I love black and white so I always have a pair of black slacks and a black skirt. 

Bankrate: What do you attribute your long-lasting, classic beauty to?

Jaclyn Smith: My mother; clean living; exercising, especially my abs; good sleep and some sort of beauty regimen that I've done since my modeling days. But it's not to perpetuate youth. I just want to look my best; I care. All of this is part of my lifestyle now and not a conscious effort. I'd love to live to be 100. When you have children, you don't want to leave them. 

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-- Posted: March 27, 2007
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