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There's more to insurance than your standard auto, home and health policies. Here, you can find information to help you understand the industry -- and some of the less-known and less-understood policies available in the insurance world.

Test your insurance IQ -- Surveys show 67 percent of Americans feel they have just about the right amount of insurance but, incredibly, 62 percent also feel they don't understand their policies very well. Check your knowledge.

Insurance industry started in a coffee house -- The mammoth worldwide insurance industry started some 300 years ago in Edward Lloyd's coffeehouse in London. Today, Lloyd's remains ready, willing and able to insure just about anything.

5 insurance policies you don't need -- It always sounds like a good idea to protect yourself against danger, but is it? Here's a look at five plans agents would love to see you buy (but you'd be better off without).

Liability umbrellas keep you from getting soaked -- If your financial pockets go deeper than the liability coverage on your home or auto policies, you may need a bigger umbrella to protect you from a storm of lawsuits.

Insuring the unusual

Medical insurance for your pet -- Rover got a boo-boo? You can get help paying the bill.

Travel insurance: often needed, rarely understood -- It can be helpful, but you also could pay for coverage you already have.

Insuring your wedding ceremony -- Some couples opt for insurance protection against ceremony calamities that cover everything except cold feet.

Identity theft insurance -- Your identity has been stolen and you've battled to prove you didn't make all those charges on your record. Now you've got to get your name back and restore the reputation you worked so hard to build. Help's available.

How to get the best rates
Policy shopping online -- Want to compare coverage options? Start at your computer, where you'll find plenty of info about more and more insurance offerings.

How credit scores affect rates -- Auto and home insurers are now using credit scores to help determine your premium.

Cut costs with combined coverage -- You might be able to save substantially when you let one carrier take care of all your insurance needs.

Trim premium expenses with affinity policies -- Buying within a membership group could save you big insurance bucks.


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