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First you have to decide whether to fix up your old house or buy a new one. If you decide to remodel, you have to decide whether to hire somebody or do it yourself. You need to decide which areas to remodel, perhaps in part guided by which rooms would give you the most resale bang for your remodel buck. And if it makes you feel any better, it turns out celebrities have the same remodeling questions and problems that you do.
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Should you remodel or move? -- You can fix it up or you can buy a new house. Some things to think about before you decide.

Even celebrities remodel their homes -- Dixie Chick Natalie Maines lists remodeling her home as her hobby.

Historic homes offer different challenges -- There's no telling what might be under the floors or behind the walls. But you better find out first.

For many jobs, you'll need a permit -- But don't fret. In most cases, the building inspector is on your side.

Getting your home ready for disasters -- Don't wait until the hurricane hits to start worrying about your roof.

7 supplies to prepare for disaster -- Get ready before catastrophe strikes your home.

Putting together your own 'Panic Room' -- Even if you don't have big bucks, you can create your own safe place.

Pick renovations that pay off -- When it comes time to sell, will you get your money back from your remodeling?


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